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National Action Plan

The National Action Plan aims to establish practical conditions for preventing or combating radicalisation and violent extremism in all its forms while respecting fundamental rights and civil liberties. The National Action Plan is part of Switzerland’s strategy for combating terrorism, in which prevention plays a decisive role. By encouraging an interdisciplinary approach to dealing with radicalisation and violent extremism at all levels of our state, the National Action Plan makes a crucial contribution to this effort.

The National Action Plan was drawn up jointly by the Confederation, cantons, cities and communes under the leadership of the Delegate of the Swiss Security Network. The presidents of the Conference of Cantonal Justice and Police Directors (KKJPD), the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Directors of Education (EDK), the Conference of Cantonal Directors of Social Services (SODK), the Union of Swiss Cities and the Association of Swiss Communes unanimously approved the National Action Plan on 24 November 2017. The Federal Council took note of the National Action Plan at its meeting on 1 December 2017.

The 26 measures aim to have an effect in five fields of action: 1. Knowledge and expertise, 2. Cooperation and coordination, 3. Prevention of extremist ideologies and extremist groups, 4. Disengagement and reintegration and 5. International cooperation.