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Civilian-military cooperation


Cooperation between civilian authorities and the armed forces

The armed forces may be deployed as part of Swiss Security Network operations in order to safeguard the national security interests and to guarantee that the Confederation, cantons and communes can function and take action.
Safeguarding internal security is primarily a task for the cantons and thus the responsibility of the police. The Confederation only intervenes if public order in a canton is disrupted or threatened and the canton concerned is unable to guarantee order through its own action or with the assistance of other cantons (principle of subsidiarity).

Assistance in managing disasters, emergencies and tasks of national importance include:

  • Support with resources from and in the air;
  • Disaster relief in Switzerland and abroad;
  • Support for humanitarian aid work abroad at the request of the FDFA;
  • Safeguarding Swiss interests abroad;

Assistance in preventing and repelling threats to internal security include:

  • Safeguarding airspace sovereignty;
  • Security operations:

- in support of the police and the Border Guard;

- to protect critical infrastructure, buildings and conferences;

  • Law enforcement servicessupport