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National strategy


Switzerland is undergoing a process of digitalisation. The comprehensive digital networking already influences our society, economy and state, and rapid technological progress will drive this development further forward.
However, it should not be forgotten that digitalisation not only brings opportunities, but also has its risks. The associated, increasing dependency on information and communications technologies (ICT) makes our country more vulnerable to breakdowns, disruption and abuse of these technologies.

It is impossible to achieve total protection against cyber risks, even with complex and expensive measures. Therefore Switzerland must increase its resilience in coping with cyber incidents. The current strategy to protect Switzerland against cyber risks (NCS) shows how these goals will be achieved up to 2022. Protection against cyber risks is a joint responsibility for the private sector, society and the state. This means firstly that everyone must bear responsibility for their own protection. Shared responsibility is also the basis for the joint implementation of the NCS. The Confederation, cantons, private sector and society are required to implement the NCS measures in close cooperation, and by doing so, share their own personal capacities and skills.