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Cantonal implementation plan


The cantonal implementation plan for the 2018-2022 National Strategy to protect Switzerland against cyber risks (NCS) has been drawn up by a working group of the Swiss Security Network (SSN). It is a stand-alone plan, but at the same time is complementary to the national implementation plan. In specific terms, it comprises 13 implementation projects in seven of the 10 NCS domains.

Even before the Federal Council had approved the National Cyber Strategy in April 2018, the SSN and its group of specialists on NCS implementation in the cantons had identified spheres of activity that are of particular importance to the cantons and which they wanted to work on in more detail.

In order to guarantee coherence between the national implementation plan and the cantonal implementation plan, some cantonal representatives and the SSN in its liaising role between the Confederation and cantons took part in drawing up the national implementation plan.

The Annual Report on the status of projects in the implementation plan of the cantons

The Annual Report produced in March 2020 looks back at the projects set out in the implementation plan of the cantons according to the 2018–2022 National Strategy for the Protection of Switzerland against Cyber Risks (NCS). Eleven months after the plan was adopted, progress is generally satisfactory.

Thanks to the dedication of the project leaders – most of whom are from cantonal bodies – and to a fruitful partnership with the Swiss Security Network SSN, most of the projects have been launched. Examples include the development of a cybersecurity training module by the cantons for their staff, which was approved by the Conference of Cantonal Justice and Police Directors (CCJPF) in April 2020, and various public awareness campaigns on cyber risks in collaboration with Swiss Crime Prevention SCP. The cantons have also worked together to develop a cantonal cybersecurity organisational model. Further information on cantonal projects under the 2018–2022 NCS is available in the attached document.